This Might Be the Best Marijuana Study You'll See All Year

Two Norwegian researchers examined the likelihood of marijuana to cause a motor vehicle crash, and came to a surprising conclusion.

Marijuana appears to be set up for what could be its best year ever.

The plant, which is currently illegal at the federal level, has expanded like a weed over the past two decades. A whopping 23 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use since 1996, and four states have legalized the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes since 2012.

Colorado has been a specific shining example of the industry's success. After generating $699 million in legal medical and recreational marijuana sales in 2014, Colorado fell $4 million shy of hitting $1 billion in legal sales this past year. It nonetheless generated $135 million in tax revenue and licensing fees in 2015, of which at least $35 million will be steered toward the state's education system. Legislators in states where...

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