West Virginia: Conferees talk highly of cannabis

Lawmakers, doctors, scientists, scholars, nonprofits and industry start-ups gathered together for West Virginia’s first Strategic Cannabis Conference on Thursday, March 17, to discuss how medical and industrial uses of cannabis (marijuana) could jumpstart the state’s economy, help the environment and relieve medical problems.

The conference was held at WVU’s College of Law, organized by WVU law student Morgan Leach, and its speakers included WVU professors and students.

West Virginia lags behind 24 states and the District of Columbia in the legalization of medical marijuana, which evidence has shown can reduce adverse effects of chemotherapy, relieve pain and induce appetites.

Legislators representing bipartisan support to legalize medical marijuana in West Virginia showed up at the conference: Michael Manypenny, former Democratic member of the West Virginia House of Delegates who is running for Congress; and Bill Flanigan, Republican House Delegate, who recently spoke on the House floor of his own experience of...

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