The Big Bhang Theory: All you need to know about the cannabis drink synonymous with Hindu festival of Holi

The Hindu festival of spring called Holi, will be celebrated over 23 and 24 March across India. It is best known for its celebrations with colour and water, where people throw "gulaal" (coloured powder) on each other or mix it with water to use {it} in squirt guns and water balloons, without bothering too much about ruining clothes.

Along with the vibrant games, it also signifies a time for sharing, and families spend their day cooking and distributing a variety of sweets and snacks. And while children and adults enjoy making a mess of their clothes and faces, one particular aspect of the festivities that takes the party to a whole other level of enjoyment is "bhang".

Bhang is a paste made from ground cannabis leaves and buds which is then used in various festive preparations to add that extra "zing" and is synonymous with Holi celebrations. Thandai (commonly called...

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