Cyprus: Medical Cannabis Drug Approval Too Late for Teenager

A teenager’s appeal to have his request to use a cannabis-based medicine has been approved, three days before he finally succumbed to cancer.

The youngster had been pleading with the Health Ministry for two years to allow him to take the drug to ease his suffering but his request was only granted three days before he died.

The 19-year-old’s tragic case began when the medication he was taking at the time – to help ease his suffering – were not taking effect. He had previously been diagnosed with an incurable and inoperable brain tumour.

It was then that his doctors recommended that he make a request to the Health Ministry to allow him to take medicine – banned in Cyprus because it contains cannabis.

He had sent letters to the ministry appealing to make an exception in his case on August 22, 2014 and September 3, 2014 but did not...

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