Seven reasons why the Caribbean may soon turn into a cannabis hotspot

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There are many signs that some Caribbean countries may well develop into an Eldorado for cannabis and its consumers in the coming years. Read about the seven most important reasons here.

With the exception of Cuba, cannabis is widespread in the Caribbean. Historically, the many workers from India that came to the Caribbean during the era of the British Empire brought their ‘ganja’ along with them, so that they could relax after a hard day’s work on the plantation. Also, the Rastafarian movement, for which cannabis is a holy sacrament, has been growing steadily ever since the 1930s. Already two Caribbean states, Puerto Rico and Jamaica, have a medicinal cannabis programme in place. However, this only seems to be the upbeat to something much bigger. Ever since the first US states re-legalised cannabis, the fear of ‘Big Brother’, which promoted its illicit drugs interests in the Caribbean quite fiercely

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