Cannabis Combines Passions of Minnesota Doctor

There’s little doubt that your farm can grow marijuana, or cannabis as it is commonly called now. You’ve got road ditches and fence rows to prove that.

The harder part is turning it into a medicine. That’s the only legal way it can be sold under the state laws enacted over the last couple of years in Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, and 20 other states, mostly on the coasts. 

Kyle Kingsley, one of the early growers in Minnesota, believes there is more than a little magic in the crop. Most of it happens not in growing the plants, but after harvest. 

“How we process it and package it and make it conform to medical standards is what we are still learning. That’s where the big breakthroughs will come in medical cannabis,” he predicts.

“Don’t get me wrong, the horticulture is very interesting and I love watching that process, but I really...

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