Malaysia: Uphill battle to legalise marijuana

It's virtually impossible to produce up-to-date scientific evidence of ganja's benefits.

Malaysian proponents of marijuana legalisation will have a tough time persuading the government to consider the plant’s benefits because it’s next to impossible to legally produce up-to-date scientific results on the matter.

According to Arif Husaini Abdul Rahim, a medical officer at Sarawak General Hospital, one of the biggest obstacles to studying the effects of marijuana in Malaysia is obtaining samples for research.

“We can’t study the chemicals in the plant if we have no legal means of obtaining it; hence we rely on countries that have legalised it to pursue the field,” said Arif in a recent interview with the Malaysian Digest.

It’s a circular mess. Legalisation requires that marijuana’s benefits be proven scientifically and in an empirically undeniable manner, but Malaysian scientists and medical experts can’t do so unless they can obtain the stuff legally.

The medical...

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