Bills To Decriminalize, Legalize Marijuana Introduced In Michigan Senate

Senator Coleman Young II introduced a bill and a Resolution related to marijuana in the Michigan Senate on Feb. 24.

Senate Bill 813 would establish the “Nonmedical Marihuana Code”. It would legalize marijuana and allow possession of one ounce and 5 flowering plants per adult, plus an unlimited amount of marijuana generated from the plants, provided that stash is kept where the garden is. Out-of-state visitors are allowed one-half an ounce of flower. Hashish: 5 grams for residents, one gram for tourists.

On the positive side, the bill allows for marijuana lounges; transfer of up to one ounce and six immature plants to another without compensation;  smoking and driving could result in a small fine for first and subsequent occurrences, with the possibility of suspended license;

Slightly disappointing are the provisions requiring marijuana gardens to be hidden from view by anyone and criminal protections for commercial extract makers...

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