International attention in hemp and medical cannabis in the European Parliament

International attention was raised yesterday in the conference held inside the European Parliament in Brussels on hemp and medical cannabis hosted by SYRIZA MEP, Stelios Kouloglou. 

Prominent figures from the world of politics, international organizations and civil society and many participants from all over Europe to the US participated in a rich and constructive debate on the therapeutic value of cannabis and the multiple uses resulting from the cultivation of this plant helping thus to boost the employment and the economy.

The European magazine Politico announced the conference with a special report entitled “is growing hemp the way to save the Greek economy?”

“Today’s event is the third one in a series of events is to combat unemployment and restart the economy in Greece. The first was about youth entrepreneurship programs, the second about social and solidarity economy and this is now the third on hemp and pharmaceutical cannabis and their beneficial as well as economic impact. Things are very difficult in Europe and even more difficult in Greece and the time is ruthless. We have to work hard in order to deal with this challenge”said Stelios Kouloglou in his opening remarks.

The SYRIZA MEP also moderated the first paneldiscussion on industrial hemp. Francesco Tropea, political analyst from the European Parliament’sResearch Service (EPRS), noted that cannabis is not something new in Greece and Europe but that historicalproduction was widespread in Europe, especially inGreece, Poland and Romania. He also referred to various...

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