Would legalizing cannabis solve Alabama's budget problems?

As the state of Alabama and our elected officials stumble forward into our next fiscal year, we are once again hit with cries of budget cuts, tax hikes, and another movement of funds from our woeful education system into the general fund.

According to al.com, such budgetary solutions range from a lottery, which is a hidden tax on the poor and uneducated of our neighbors, to an additional tax on gas now that it's cheap. The governor, in his State of the State address, proposed new prison initiatives in order to stem the maintenance costs of the prison budget, which is the second largest agency siphoning from the general fund, at a whopping $400 million.

But, as we look to spend more on prisons, we are also seeking to remove more than $180 million from our education fund, which could actually lead us to need to expand our penitentiaries....

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