NZ may miss boat, medical cannabis exports

New Zealand could miss the boat as an exporter of medicinal cannabis, horticulture expert Dr Mike Nichols said.

Nichols, writing in the latest issue of the horticulture magazine, NZGrower, said New Zealand could miss out in much the same way as it did with the opium poppy trade, which is now dominated by Tasmania.

"The potential to grow medicinal cannabis in New Zealand at this point in time as an export crop would appear to be excellent," Nichols said.

"The value of a kilogram of medicinal cannabis compared with a kilogram of Pinus radiata is a clear example showing that New Zealand should be producing, and exporting, high value and low volume products," Nichols said.

It appeared that Australia would take the lead in terms of relaxing the laws around medicinal cannabis, "while in New Zealand this still appears to be on the distant horizon".

The attitude to medicinal cannabis...

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