Meet the Women Cannabis Entrepreneurs Toking the Industry by Storm

On Feb 3, over 1200 women hailing from Puerto Rico to Anchorage descended upon Denver to accomplish what once seemed impossible: grow the first multibillion dollar industry led by women [and our non-binary colleagues]. Founded by Jane West and Jazmin Hupp in 2014, Women Grow is the largest network of cannabis entrepreneurs nationwide, in 44 cities and counting.

What does an industry run by women look like? One in which decisions are informed by the struggles of the legalization movement. Cannabis legalization gained popularity in California in the 1980s as a treatment for AIDS, and in the 1990s when cannabis arrests skyrocketed it became clear that legalization is as much a social justice issue as it is a medical one. Together, we came to discuss how to end the drug war, and what happens next: the creation of a responsible industry that reinvests in communities of color, that advocates for...

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