Dutch medicinal cannabis grower acquitted

Acquittal On Wednesday 10th February 2016, the Amsterdam court acquitted Dutch medicinal cannabis grower Rudolf Hillebrand of the charge of illegally growing cannabis.  The court agreed with the defence that Hillebrand cultivated cannabis as an essential supplement to his HIV medication and definitely not for financial gain. A historic verdict!

On the 3rd of December 2014 police discovered a cannabis growroom in Rudolf Hillebrand’s home. Hillebrand grew cannabis because he depends on consuming 5 grams of the buds per day to counteract the severe side-effects of his HIV medication. Cannabis stimulates appetite and suppresses nausea and vomiting, enabling Hillebrand to successfully ingest his vital HIV inhibitors. It also reduces the pain caused by a chronic inflammation of the nervous system caused by a different HIV medication that Hillebrand used previously.

The Public Prosecution Service presented evidence that, during two consecutive periods, Hillebrand grew 24 cannabis plants and clones, and possessed a...

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