Minnesota medical marijuana CEO steps down

The head of one of Minnesota’s two medical marijuana companies has resigned.

LeafLine Labs announced Friday that CEO Manny Munson-Regala has stepped down less than a year after he took the job. Munson-Regala, a former assistant state health commissioner, helped set up the state’s medical cannabis program, then left last June to take a job running one of the newly created companies.

In a statement late Friday, LeafLine announced that Dr. Andrew Bachman, an emergency physician and one of the company’s founders, has been appointed as interim CEO by the company board.

Minnesota legalized medical marijuana last July, but the program has struggled with low enrollment and rising prices in its opening months. LeafLine — one of two multimillion-dollar companies selected by the Health Department to grow, refine and sell all of Minnesota’s legal marijuana — was founded in part by members of the Bachman family, although the cannabis business...

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