Why can't we grow medical marijuana in Georgia?

Families share stories of how cannabis oil has alleviated their children’s suffering—but lawmakers remained worried that stoners will take over the state

Abby Conforti was two years old when she was diagnosed with severe autism. Shortly after her third birthday, she began repeatedly biting her right arm and violently screaming. Jennifer and Bryan Conforti characterized their daughter’s meltdowns as “demonic,” and said they were afraid to hold their child. “My arms are covered with bruises and cuts from her trying to rip my arms off of her,” Jennifer said last month. “If she can’t bite herself, she’ll bite us.”

The doctors didn’t have answers, nor the therapists, nor the pharmacists, nor the nurses during a hospital stay. As a last resort, Jennifer turned to a liquid form of medical marijuana. To her surprise, cannabis oil worked. Abby seemed increasingly conscious, started babbling for the first time, and...

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