Sister Kate: We’re better off removing the ‘canna-bans’

By legalizing cannabis, we allow law enforcement to fulfill its obligations to all citizens. By banning cannabis, the lawmakers ensure that industry participants are not provided with the same protection that other citizens receive.

It’s been two weeks since the cannabis ban was reaffirmed by the Merced City Council and the Sisters are about to shine a great big dual-beamed light on the Central Valley of California. One beam comes from Los Angeles, the other from London. The lights that will shine upon the Valley are going to be bright. If we are lucky, they will chase away the cockroaches of old paradigm.

These lights are actually a documentary series that (God willing) will be aired on both sides of the Atlantic.

The cannabis bans happening across California are a mega-problem, requiring a mega-solution.

They show us, once again, that government works for a few, not for all. The bans...

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