Here are the Countries Where Marijuana Is Legal in Some Form

The global tide concerning marijuana legalization is slowly turning. Amsterdam, with its famous coffeeshops where smoking cannabis is OK, was once the international city most associated with legally smoking marijuana. But more countries are passing legislation either decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana in some form. In fact, almost half the states in the United States have legalized marijuana somehow — with more likely to follow suit. 

The potential revenue from legal marijuana would be huge, at least for the United States, which could rake in more than $120 billion a year, Mic previously reported. 

But in the U.S., and in many other places, marijuana legalization is still blurry and uncharted territory. A handful of countries, like Australia and Jamaica, have passed decriminalization laws for small amounts of marijuana. 

One of the more recent places to legalize marijuana is Colombia, which legalized it medically in December, according to Bloomberg. This is a prime example of a country making moves to shift a large illegal...

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