Politics and Pot: After the Iowa Caucuses

Wherein your resident political junkie smokes a bowl and explains what happened in Iowa this week, and what to expect next. Share your comments below.

At long last, the political phony war is over, and actual votes are in. No matter which combination of candidates faces off in the finals in November, cannabis policy will be on the national ballot. Iowa has voted, so we know new things to expect going forward.

There are cannabis-relevant headlines on both sides, so let’s start with the Democrats.


When it comes to pot policy, it’s best to think of Clinton and Sanders as “Small Change” and “Big Change.” Clinton wants marijuana to be rescheduled on the level of cocaine and methamphetamine (Schedule II), which will make it easier to study as medicine. Sanders wants marijuana entirely unscheduled, a dramatic step toward national legalization and criminal justice reform.

The Iowa race

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