It’s Official – Medical Marijuana is on the Ballot in Florida for 2016

November 2014 medical marijuana was on the ballot in Florida for the first time – many families and individuals were hopeful that this would finally mean they would get access to some much needed relief. After months of petition gathering, struggles with Supreme Court approval, and a campaign that seemed to be attacked and nitpicked at every turn – the initiative lost by only 2%.

The chance at legal access to medicine that could change the quality of life for thousands of citizens was so close – I remember refreshing the statistics until the vote was over, watching the number go from 64% to 63% and eventually drop under 60%. With less than half an hour left I knew we had lost – and by the time the polls closed, we had just over 58% of the vote.

One of the worst parts about that? In any other state, 58%...

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