Shortage of medical marijuana in DC eased by new growers, more plants

A months-long shortage of medical marijuana in the District has been eased in recent weeks by new growers moving into the city and a change in the law that doubled the number of plants producers can cultivate, according to buyers and suppliers.

The boost in supply has ended rationing and cut the price of cannabis for the 3,500 city residents legally allowed to buy it. During the shortage, some patients said they were forced buy marijuana from street users or turn to ad hoc networks of unsanctioned growers willing to provide it at low or no cost.

“Things are really good now, but it’s been rough,” said Belinda Cunningham, 64, an HIV and cervical-cancer patient from Northeast Washington. On doctors’ orders, she uses cannabis up to three times a day to boost her appetite and reduce nausea from the more than 15 medications she takes daily. “When I couldn’t get...

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