The Farms of Northern India Are Laced with Cannabis


The lush valleys of India’s northern state Himachal Pradesh are filled with verdant farms. Apple trees cascade mountainsides, massive cauliflower blooms soak up the sun on terraced hillsides, and clusters of cannabis plants weave through the landscape.

Foreign visitors to Himachal Pradesh are left speechless by the area’s stunning, mountainous terrain. Stoners are left especially speechless because that terrain is completely choked with marijuana. Most farmers have bud growing throughout or around their properties.

The roads of Himachal Pradesh towns are literally lined with marijuana. All photos by the author.

“I haven’t planted it,” farmer Fareed* told me at the Himalayan Trout House in the Nagini village of Himachal Pradesh. “In between the trees it grows wildly without putting any seeds.”

A car and some cannabis

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