Australia: Female cannabis smokers more likely to use daily

according to the latest National Drug Strategy Household Survey, an increasing number of women are smoking weed daily.

Of the 1.9 million Australians over 14 who have smoked cannabis in the past year, only 700,000 of them are women.

But women are now more likely to be daily smokers, with 14% of women smoking weed daily, compared to 12% of men.

Jan Copeland is the head of the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre at the University of New South Wales and says women tend to become addicted to cannabis more quickly than men.

"Estrogen seems to increase sensitivity to THC, the getting high part of cannabis, and because of that they crave to use it more often,"

"They also have a higher tolerance, about 30% higher than men, which means they have more at higher doses, which puts them into the cycle of addiction."...

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