What Happened to Brazil's Ruling on Drug Decriminalization?

Despite news last year suggesting Brazil's Supreme Court would rule imminently on whether the country should decriminalize low-level possession and use of drugs, all seems to have gone quiet. What happened? 

In August 2015, we were among those who published such articles, noting how the Supreme Court were discussing decriminalization against the backdrop of a growing chorus of voices calling for drug law reform. After the first three of the Court's 11 justices voted in favor of decriminalization in September, all looked set to move forward. 

However, upon reaching the fourth vote, the minister whose hands the decision was in, Teori Zavascki,requested suspension of the case until he had firmed up his position on the issue. Since then, one of Brazil's biggest ever political scandals -- which has seen impeachment proceedings brought against President Dilma Rousseff -- has ramped up considerably, and thus preoccupied the Court's time. 

The move...

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