Could Vermont Be the First State to Produce Artisanal, Socialist Marijuana?

The approach that Colorado, Alaska, and Washington have taken to legalizing marijuana can resemble the parking lot at a Grateful Dead show: a free-for-all that, while liberating, has produced only a hazy sense of where the party is going. Meanwhile, Vermont, contrary to its popular reputation for the free-wheeling life, is approaching the issue like the nerdy kid in an SAT prep course. Two years ago the state commissioned a massive RAND Corporation report on different approaches to legalization, and last year top state officials flew to Colorado to see for themselves how legalization has been working out in the Rocky Mountains. Medical marijuana has been legal in Vermont since 2004, but when it comes to commercial pot, Vermont intends to not only show the country how legalization is done, but to turn a hefty profit while doing so.

Part of this studious approach comes from the...

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