Can’t Handle the Truth: Educating the Next Generation

“I never lie to my son,” insists Diane Fornbacher. And for the long-time cannabis activist and mother living in the town of Collingswood, New Jersey, that means telling the truth about the world’s most versatile plant, to her children as well as the world.

Thus, Fornbacher’s son, now 10-years-old, saw everything.

“He sees that I have legal hemp products in my house,” says the devoted mother.

Fornbacher also provided her child with period-accurate strategy games playable on his computer so the young student (whom she asked to remain anonymous) could learn the importance of industrial hemp strains to the early history of the United States.

Nor did she ever make a secret of what she does for work, sharing photos of her volunteer efforts promoting hemp products at events like Collinsgwood’s eco-friendly Green Festival; in fact, her booth had attended the festival at the invitation of a town commissioner for...

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