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This Interactive ‘Wheel’ Helps Find The Perfect Cannabis Strain For You

How do you like your weed? Whether you smoke to relax, get creative, or for medical reasons, a new online tool will help you decide which marijuana strain is best for the job.


Anyone who’s ever explored the surreal world of Amsterdam‘s cannabis cafes will tell you this: pot is complicated. There are cheesy strains, fruity strains, strains that are both cheesy and fruity, and hundreds in between…how would anyone know where to start?

That’s where CannabiScope, the brainchild of tech entrepreneur and former boxer David Schacter comes in. It’s described as an “interactive strain mapping system”, and it’s virtual marijuana ‘menu’ is so detailed it will be appreciated by even the most clued-up cannabis connoisseur.

Unlike other recreational substances, marijuana is divided hundreds of different strains, all of which affect users in different ways. Cannabis plants are divided into two broad categories: The Indica variety makes you feel ...

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