People deserve chance to vote on medicinal marijuana

I am helping circulate the NORML Wyoming petition to put the question of legalizing the possession of medical marijuana on the ballot in 2016 so the people of Wyoming can vote on it.

I have had many people sign, though some ask: Why support this initiative? My question is: How much are we willing to pay to make sure no one in Wyoming has medical marijuana, even if proponents can show that marijuana has medical benefits to people with cancer, epilepsy and glaucoma, to name a few?

Why lock up people with cancer and other medical conditions in jail or prison or levy heavy fines? Possession of 3.1 ounces of marijuana, medical or otherwise, is a felony punishable up to five years in prison.

Now there are legislators considering introducing a bill that would dictate one pound of edibles be labeled as a felony, which by the way, is weighing...

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