23 budding Bay Area cannabis startups to watch

As marijuana continues to move into the mainstream, dozens of Bay Area startups are banking on big business opportunities in the cannabis industry.

"We are at this precipice: There is a lot of money — real capital — that wants to come into the space," said Ben Larson, who runs Gateway Incubator, a cannabis startup incubator in downtown Oakland.

The industry has been "the Wild West for a long time," said Larson, who opened Gateway Incubator at 330 Second St. in 2015. But as more states sign on to legalize recreational and medical use of marijuana, investors and entrepreneurs are eyeing the business opportunities.

As of the beginning of this year, 23 states plus the District of Columbia had legalized medicinal marijuana and there are four states where recreational marijuana use is allowed. Just two weeks into 2016, marijuana advocates are eyeing at least 10 states that could vote on...

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