Idaho: Four kids now taking marijuana-derived epilepsy treatment under state program; more being screened

Four Idaho children are now taking the drug Epidiolex under an “expanded access” program permitted under federal law and authorized by Gov. Butch Otter through an executive order, state Public Health Division Director Elke Shaw-Tulloch told lawmakers this morning. Epidiolex is a purified oil made from the marijuana plant that contains no THC; clinical trials are under way to use it to treat children with severe epilepsy, and the expanded access program allows other kids not in the trials to receive the drug.

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter signed an executive order in April authorizing the expanded-access program, after vetoing legislation that would have allowed the use of cannabidiol, a low-THC oil extracted from cannabis, to be used legally in Idaho to treat children with severe seizure disorders. The measure passed both houses after long and emotional hearings, but Otter’s Office of Drug Policy and the Idaho State Police decried it...

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