Kosher Pot? Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Health Minister to Revolutionize Cannabis

TEL AVIV – Israel’s ultra-Orthodox health minister will propose a new plan to open up the market for medical marijuana, Ynet reported.

The Health Ministry, under Yakov Litzman of the religious party United Torah Judaism, published a plan to open the medical marijuana market to new farms and sellers.

“Even today there are pharmacies giving out all kinds of other medicines such as morphine,” said Litzman. “We will also sort out cannabis. There will be registration and we will supervise it.

“But it will be to the same standard as medicine.”

The plan means that there will be no restrictions on the number of dealers or the number of farms growing cannabis. At present there are only eight farms in Israel that grow cannabis.

The new plan would significantly increase this number so anyone who meets the quality and safety requirements will be able to submit a request to...

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