Democratic Debate: How High Are The Candidates On Legalizing Marijuana?

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As Bernie Sanders continues to cut Hillary Clinton’s lead en route to the Democratic presidential primaries, Martin O’Malley joins his fellow candidates for tonight’s Democratic debate. While the candidates will have plenty to say about very serious issues like health care, immigration, and unemployment, a politician’s stance on the use of medical marijuana and the legalization of recreational pot has become a more common issue of interest. Now that many states are legalizing medicinal (and sometimes recreational) marijuana, and members of Congress are introducing legislation to end the federal prohibition on medical cannabis, it’s a question all candidates must have an answer for. Ahead of tonight’s Democratic debate, here is a quick look at all three candidates’ positions on marijuana laws.

Bernie Sanders' Revolution — NBC News-YouTube Democratic Debate: TONIGHT 9pm…

— Steve Robbins (@evets_r) January 17, 2016

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