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Drug Trial That Left One Man Brain Dead Has Nothing to Do With Cannabis

On Friday several French agencies opened an investigation into a clinical drug trial that has hospitalized six men in the last week, leaving one permanently brain dead and three in critical condition, likely with permanent brain damage.

At a press conference held Friday afternoon at the University Hospital of Rennes, where the six victims are currently being treated, the French Minister of Health, Marisol Touraine, vowed to “get to the bottom of this…tragic incident.” She also denied reports that the experimental drug contained cannabis or cannabis derivatives, as some French media agencies had originally reported.

When the story of the hospitalizations broke, several French media agencies erroneously reported that a “cannabis based product was in question” and i-Téléreported that a cannabis-based pain killing drug was being injected into the trial participants. This assertion was categorically denied by Touraine during her press conference.

“Contrary to what I've heard, this drug does...

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