Legalize pot, put dealers out of business

I spent 25 years in the New Jersey State Police, 22 of them as a narcotics officer, and I support legalizing marijuana.

I have seen firsthand that marijuana sold on the street can be adulterated with all kinds of additives including opium, PCP and formaldehyde. I have seen street dealers, some as young as 12, selling other drugs along with marijuana. Once, during a street operation in Hoboken, I witnessed a 16 year-old male sell drugs to a 10 year-old girl.

Legalizing and regulating marijuana will put street dealers out of business and prevent many of these scenarios in the future.

Merely decriminalizing marijuana will not take the criminal element out of the equation. Drug dealers will continue to supply our children with marijuana unabated and without concern about their age or safety. Their profits aren’t taxed. Their money is used to fund violent gangs and criminal organizations. And those...

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