Utah Medical marijuana gets another shot

SALT LAKE CITY — When Malinda Heiner was 16 months old, a 53-minute seizure changed the course of her life forever.

Malinda's brain suffered so much damage that she hasn't stopped seizing since.

Now 14 years old, Malinda has 30 to 40 seizures a day. She's confined to a wheelchair, not speaking, not communicating, but seizing all the time.

Medicine has only caused more issues, says her mother, Melanie Heiner. Instead of stopping Malinda's seizures, they've only disrupted her appetite and sleep.

On Wednesday morning, Heiner, her daughter and about 30 other people stood in the Capitol rotunda and called on lawmakers to take a second look at a bill to legalize medical marijuana.

"We are trying to give our children the best we can give them," Heiner said. "She's a person, just like me."

This will be Utah's second attempt to pass a law that would allow patients with...

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