Trinidad: Lobby group to test “ganja” law

A local cannabis lobby group says it plans to “test the law” by importing certain classifications of cannabis that are not defined by law as prohibited.

C420, a legally registered NGO that lobbies for cannabis policy reform says there is only one classification of Cannabis has been defined under current law and is subject to prohibition.

In a statement issued yesterday, the group reasoned that other classifications cannot be prohibited as they are not defined by law.

“In light of this, C420 intends to test the law by importing “non-prohibited” Cannabis seeds for the purpose of cultivation and “non-prohibited” Cannabis oil,” the group said.

The group claimed to have contacted Cannabis suppliers in Amsterdam, and the suppliers have agreed to donate “non-prohibited” Cannabis seeds. The seeds and oil will be donated to TT citizens once it arrives, the group said.

“C420 intends to donate the Cannabis oil to citizens and...

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