Guyana: Murder rate should give those pushing for marijuana legalization pause for thought

Dear Editor,

Those pushing for the legalization of marijuana should take note of the growing number of murders of Guyana’s innocent citizens, and now a young, promising non-resident. I have yet to hear of one murderer who was not a drug addict. All these murders-for-hire, all these premeditated killings, all the savage robbery-murders are being perpetrated by a set of young drug addicts, whose minds are being altered by the imbibing of the abundance of narcotic substances available here in Guyana.

And I would guarantee you that a great percentage of the loot carried away by these savage-minded individuals, is ploughed right back into the drug trade. It is a known fact that alcohol, ganja and cocaine are the drugs of choice that inoculate the consciences of these youths before and after their heinous crimes.

And just imagine, marijuana is not legal yet. Just think for a moment what Guyana...

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