For many patients, ailments make inhalation or ingestion of medicinal cannabis impossible. Left without options, many have come up with their own way to benefit from the medical aspects of cannabis – by suppository.

Cannabis activist and patient Jenn Bennett said she had previously used cannabis orally, but after learning about the application technique from other patients in the community she found that her body’s response was like nothing she had experienced before.

“I had such a good sleep, the effects of it were in 15 minutes. I was at times pain-free, and for me being pain-free is very rare,” said Bennett who uses cannabis to mainly treat her spinal stenosis, a condition that causes the spinal canal to narrow.

“It’s the final stages of degenerative disk disease, my muscles are turning to bone,” said Bennett. “I have so much pain and lack of sleep that I found for me, it’s relief. I don’t have to smoke it as...

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