Will 2016 Finally Be the Year of Marijuana in New Hampshire?

Maybe this is the year we finally admit that legalization will happen eventually and just get it over with already.

Another year, another ray of hope that the New Hampshire government will finally wise up and legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Now I’m not saying that marijuana is the greatest thing and can cure all diseases, but using it is a personal choice that adults should be able to make on their own.

Granite State lawmakers have some bills lined up to legalize weed beyond the many hoops that come with the approved medical marijuana program. Some people want it for medical reasons, but there is nothing wrong with Bobby Sue wanting to use it before watching a Netflix marathon of Adventure Time.

The New Hampshire House of Representatives has three different proposed bills for consideration this year:

  1. Legalizes the personal use of up to 2.2 pounds of marijuana by
  2. ...
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