Inside Alberta’s growing medical-marijuana industry

This is the great indoors, the place where you can stand at the end of a long metal table, stare straight ahead to its opposite end some 75 metres away and you will be lost in a mighty greenness.

You will see thousands of familiar jagged-edged leaves reaching up to the lights inside Alberta’s largest grow-op. Seconds later, your mind taps into a stash of marijuana gag lines, from this facility being a “joint venture” to “your staff room must be well-stocked with Doritos.”

Chris Mayerson smiles politely at such witticisms. They are unavoidable the moment people find out what he does for a living; that he is the chief cultivator for Aurora Cannabis Inc., a publicly traded company that has Health Canada’s approval to grow and sell marijuana for medicinal purposes. It’s a job Mr. Mayerson takes seriously, knowing that his handiwork is assisting those who benefit from the...

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