GTSO uses 3D-printing technology to design childproof cannabis packaging |

The medical cannabis industry is growing—literally and figuratively—with no signs of slowing down as its become the fastest growing industry. By 2018, medical marijuana is projected to hit $5 billion, according to reports. Capitalizing on this booming sector is Green Technology Solutions (GTSO; San Jose, CA), a company which provides business support, delivery system products and horticultural technology support. GTSO partnered up with 6th Dimension Technologies, a 3D printing firm, to engineer an innovative, stylish and cost-effective cannabis container that is childproof.


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Currently, the company is prototyping multiple locking mechanisms using 3D printing technology in order to create the most robust and effective method of child-safe cannabis containers to hit the rapidly growing market.

“We’re working to engineer a rigid container that can be easily opened by an adult but...

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