There's Still Time -- And The Need -- To Refine The Medical Marijuana Law

First, kudos to the Hawaii Department of Health for publishing interim administrative rules for the state’s new medical marijuana industry weeks earlier than anticipated.

The Dec. 15 rollout gave prospective business owners nearly a month to look at how the department will regulate the industry before the license application period opens. The interim rules offer a guideline under the statute, passed last legislative session, allowing the creation of a grow-and-distribution industry for Hawaii. They will guide the first legal marketplace for the medicine since Hawaii first legalized it 15 years ago.

Civil Beat was among those who took the state agency to task in October, when it announced the rules wouldn’t be available until Jan. 4. Every day counts, for a complex new industry facing not only the challenges of opening for business next July, but of navigating the cultural and social changes represented by making medical marijuana...

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