How the internet freed America from ridiculous anti-drug propaganda

One of the most startling developments in recent US politics is how quickly support formarijuana legalization grew in just a few years. Ten years ago, 36 percent of Americans supported legalizing pot. Today that number is at 58 percent, according to Gallup.


About 58 percent of Americans now support marijuana legalization.Gallup

The result: Since the beginning of 2012, we've gone from no states legally allowing the recreational use of marijuana to four states and Washington, DC, doing so, thanks to voter-supported ballot initiatives. And 2016 could open the floodgates: At least five more states, including California, will likely have marijuana legalization initiatives on their ballots, potentially making it so tens of millions of Americans will live in a state where pot is legal.


How did the marijuana legalization movement take off so quickly?

There are many...

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