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We Are All Drug Users

Who can honestly say that they don't use drugs? I'm not necessarily talking about illegal drugs, like marijuana or psychedelics. Alcohol is a drug. Nicotine is a drug. Caffeine is a drug. Aspirin is a drug. Many kids are on Adderall and many parents [and grandparents ;) ] take Viagra. There are drugs to help us stay awake, drugs to help us fall asleep, drugs that heal our pain and cure illnesses. You can't watch television without seeing tons of commercials for drugs. Some drugs have been around for thousands of years while new ones are being discovered and created all the time these days. And yet most people I talk to don't see themselves as drug users.

Drugs are a part of life, but the way we talk about drugs in our society is hugely problematic. We make distinctions based on a drug's legal status, and most people never...

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