The Pirate Party of Tunisia has set the decriminalization of cannabis as a priority in their next elections. Earlier the main political parties have committed to address this. However, the State has been passive regarding the revision of Law 52 on consumption of illegal substances. This law has been used to incarcerate more than 1,500 youths since the last elections in 2014.

The Pirate Party of Tunisia has noted several negative developments regarding changing this law:

  • The government’s decision to not submit the draft of the new ‘bill on illegal substances’ to the Assembly of People’s Representatives (APR). A draft that was developed for several months by the Ministry of Justice.
  • The dismissal of the Minister of Justice, Salah Ben Aissa, who is personally committed to revise the law.
  • The approval by the APR of several less urgent laws, such as severance pay for retiring of MPs and the benefits accorded to the presidents of the Republic.
  • The policies of
  • ...
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