The Indian Hemp Industry Wants You to Take it Seriously

Hemp equals hippie. Does it not? Only bearded dudes talk about all things leafy.

But this inquiry is purely from an environmental perspective. With carbon being pronounced a dirty word after the Paris Summit, the hemp industry in India and elsewhere is asking to be taken seriously as a producer of environmentally sustainable material.

In light of the Paris Summit and the crucial climate change issue, cultivation of the hemp plant is becoming very important for a greener world. Hemp is not a water intensive crop and requires almost negligible herbicides and pesticides. It is also a faster growing crop, with a plethora of uses – from high-grade vegan protein to green plastics, healthy homes, yarn and biofuels. We cannot ignore such special qualities of the plant.

Sourab Agarwal, Managing Director, Hemp Cann Solutions

Yash Kotak, one of the co-founders of The Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO) says fabric from hemp...

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