Editorial: Obama administration lawyer has good advice on pot lawsuit

U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr.’s opinion on why the U.S. Supreme Court should deny a complaint against Colorado’s marijuana laws brought by neighboring states is straightforward and sensible.

Verrilli points out that the nation’s highest court rarely intercedes in state disputes, reserving jurisdiction to cases with clear damages, such as when pollution from one state causes harm to people or property in another state, or when a state’s actions can be demonstrated to be causing economic harm in another.

But the allegations brought by Nebraska and Oklahoma that Colorado’s marijuana laws are creating a dangerous gap in the federal drug control system is a stretch, Verrilli points out in his brief to the court released on Wednesday.

Nebraska and Oklahoma’s suit is framed around the fact that marijuana is still a drug banned by federal authorities.

The suit, which seeks to prod federal officials into cracking down on...

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