Hana Gabrielova: Hemp Farming in the Czech Republic

Hana Gabrielová, CEO of Hempoint, studied agriculture in the Czech Republic where she learned about the historical importance of hemp farming in her country. After working for several environmental NGOs, she decided to shift her focus to creating a company utilizing a once traditional Czech crop in new and exciting ways. Thus, in 2010 Hempoint was born.

Hempoint’s product range boasts around 30 wonderfully tasty hemp based products which they currently sell throughout Europe. It includes a selection of hemp teas, hemp seed cookies, hemp oil and even hemp seed paste (like peanut butter only hempier!).

They also advise farmers on growing hemp as well as importing and exporting hemp seeds for sowing. If that’s not already enough they also undertake research and development on hemp growing and processing. As you can imagine, she’s a very busy woman and is a regular speaker at cannabis and hemp...

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