Marijuana Legalization: Kentucky Tries Again With 'Cannabis Freedom Act'

Will Kentucky become the next Colorado or Washington and gather millions of dollars in sales for legalizing marijuana? Colorado and Washington have found success with legalizing marijuana for recreational use, and now it appears that Kentucky is following their lead.

WHAS 11 was one of the first to report the breaking news story on December 11, and they state that “Kentucky Senator Perry B. Clark (D-Louisville) pre-filed an act that would legalize and regulate cannabis in a similar way the Bluegrass State handles alcohol.”

Unlike similarly proposed laws in the past, Senator Clark is calling Kentucky’s new marijuana legalization law the “Cannabis Freedom Act.”

Kentucky is not the only state besides Colorado or Washington to consider marijuana legalization for recreational use, and the Cannabis Freedom Act has been in the making for a while. Interestingly, one of the biggest supporters of marijuana legalization is Kentucky’s newly elected Republican...

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