Key Players in Delaware's Legalization of Industrial Hemp Farming

The United States government banned the cultivation of hemp in 1957 in an effort to crack down on marijuana use, but the drug isn't the only thing for which the plant is used. In fact, it's valued as a food source and in the manufacture of textiles, prompting many states to begin legalizing hemp in recent years. Delaware joined this roster in 2013, legalizing weed for medical purposes.

The following state officials have played crucial roles in the effort to legalize industrial hemp cultivation in the state.

1. State Rep. Dave Wilson (R-Bridgeville)
In 2014, State Rep. Dave Wilson began pushing for the state to legalize the production of hemp for research purposes, as reported by Newsworks. Wilson's plan, called House Bill 385, would allow colleges and universities, along with the state's Department of Agriculture, to establish pilot programs for industrial hemp farming. The site quotes Wilson as saying...

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