Bureaucratic Hurdles & Spotty Access To Medicinal Cannabis Gives Rise To ‘Cannabis Refugees’

“I tried to everything I could while in Alabama, but now that we are here [in California] it’s much better and we have a support system,” the mother of a daughter with epilepsy tells MintPress of their decision to pack their bags and head to a state where medicinal cannabis is available.

MENDOCINO COUNTY, California — Cannabis has a rich history of medicinal use going back thousands of years. It is only in the last couple hundred years that the plant has faced restrictive laws and prohibition, particularly in the United States, where it’s been classified as a Schedule I drug with no known medicinal benefits and a high rate of addiction since the Controlled Substances Act was passed in 1970.

Yet the tides of public sentiment are turning. A 2014 survey from the Pew Research Center revealed that 52 percent of Americans support legalizing the use of cannabis. The

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